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Meet the Team

Adrian has been with Premium Shine since September 2022 and is the primary mobile technician.

From Adrian:

"Hello my name is Adrian. I am a recent graduate from Peru State College with a major in Kinesiology and a minor in business administration. Working for Premium Shine has changed many of my perspectives and opened my eyes to many new experiences. Working many previous retail jobs I felt limited in ways to help clients.

Being able to work directly with clients and establishing a connection makes the work all that more meaningful at Premium Shine. I'm proud to say that I have encountered all these wonderful individuals that are willing to share knowledge and experience with me."

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Meet the Owner

Hi I'm Julie, I bought Premium Shine in the middle of 2020.

Why detailing?

After having to walk away from 8 years of working as a mechanic, due to an oil and transmission fluid allergy, I missed serving people. Clean cars make people happy, and I love making that happen. I've developed relationships that help me to continue my training so that I can bring a vehicle to a "like new" condition. Getting to be outside all day is just an added perk!


I'm an avid gardener. Natives for the pollinators. Weird veggies for the fun in watching them grow.

I love to cook, hence the weird veggies. When a dear friend came into my life I was growing just things that bloom, she asked me "What's the point if you can't eat it?" That changed my perspective on gardening. Then she taught me to cook.

My husband and I have two rescue dogs.  Kady our 14 year old lab has been with us since November of 2011.   Kita our 11 year old dachshund/pit mix has been with us since April of 2013.

I also love to hike, camp and paddle board.  

If it's outdoors, I probably like to do it.

Our Philosophy

We spare no detail.

That's the philosophy behind every decision we make at Premium Shine.  Each product we use on your vehicle is carefully selected after extensive testing, and we've tested thousands of dollars worth of products from across the world to ensure that we only use the best of the best on your car.

We take our time on every car, and we never rush.

We know our customers are too busy to drive across town and wait while we work, which is why we bring our top of the line services to your home, your business, or wherever we can find you.

We do more than just make your car look great.

Whether you're looking to help your investment retain its value, keep your dream car looking just as great as the day you brought it home, or squeeze every last mile out of the car that gave you some of your favorite memories, we help protect your vehicle from the harsh weather, salt, and gravel.  

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